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VISION: Krushal Associates strives to be a multi-skilled knowledge based law firm, driven by ethics and human values, delivering excellence and value in the field of legal services.


We, at Krushal Associates, are famed for catering to our clients..


Our expertise in various law field like Bail, Civil, Criminal, Family matters..


We are providing service in various law. Like,Cyber law, Marriage law...


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A full service law firm and an established law practicing agency.

Krushal Associates is a full service law firm established with the objective of providing comprehensive and sophisticated legal advice and services to its clients, who are a mix of small and large companies including the individual clients engaged in a myriad of complex commercial activities.

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Krushal Sheladiya

Adv. Krushal D. Sheladiya

Managing Partner and Founder of Krushal Associates


Practise Area

Krushal Associaets is a law firm in Delhi. We have team of Committed Top Criminal Lawyers in Gujarat. We had handled various types of criminal case till Date like…

Bails is money or frequently, a bail bond that is put up for the suspect to allow him or her to remain free until the completion of the case.

The Civil Law is certainly and indubitably the most important and magnificent branch of the law in India. The civil law in India comprises of the laws…

If you have a Cheque issued by a debtor that has bounced or has been dishonored, or someone has issued a…

The legal process of a divorce depends upon the type of divorce. If a divorce is contested, it could take more than…

Corporate law is the body of law governing the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, company’s organization…

Our IT & Cyber Lawyers in Delhi advises a range of clients from web-based businesses to large technology companies

n today’s world full of commercial complexities, every management needs a helping hand in the shape of professionals…


Successful Civil Cases


Successful Criminal Cases


Successful  Cheque Bounce Cases


Successful High Court Cases



If you need any legal guideline or help you can call us feel free. We are happy to help you.

Depiction of legal expertise reflects from the difference of perspective and approach towards the case as well as clients.

We are the best and serve the best service.

In 2016, Subodh Sagar News has awarded “Subodh Sagar Ratna” Award to Advocate K D  Sheladiya for his gentle work in Social Service.

Advocate K D Sheladiya is registered advocate of Gujarat High Court and practicing since 2011 in Gujarat High Court in various matters.

Advocate K D Sheladiya is a registered Arbitrator.He is a member of Indian Council of Arbitration, and give more  then 100 Judgement in various arbitration matters.

We primarily focus towards excellence in legal advice and legal services to be provided to the clients who are a mix of boutique and large companies including individual clients engaged in a variety of commercial activities. We focus on staying up to date with the legal environment using knowledge not only from domestic but also overseas sources.

Our Team is a pool of Partners and Associates who hold specific skills in different fields of law which are appropriate as well as a requisite. We believe in improvising everyday which makes our team more effective and keen for working towards our clients’ success as well as achieving the goals for our firm. We hold complete and total responsibility towards our client integrity and uphold the value of our client-firm relationship.



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