What Is Love Jihad?

Love Jihad (otherwise called Romeo Jihad) is an Islamophobic paranoid notion created by individuals following Hindutva. It is for the most part accepted that Muslim men powerfully convert ladies into Islam. They typically do this through different methods like temptation, faking love, duplicity, abducting, and marriage. Love Jihad in legislative issues has been intently attached […]

Criminal Justice System: Why the wheels of justice turn ever slower in India?

India’s criminal justice system has an acute backlog crisis. Data on pending investigations and trials published recently by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) shows that this crisis is becoming more severe with each passing year. According to the National Judicial Data Grid, one out of every four trials in courts has been pending for […]

Public Interest Litigation: Genesis and Evolution

Judiciary, being the sentinel of constitutional statutory rights of citizens has a special role to play in the constitutional scheme. It can review legislation and administrative actions or decisions on the anvil of constitutional law. For the enforcement of fundamental rights one has to move the Supreme Court or the High Courts directly by invoking […]

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