Civil Lawyer

The Civil Law is certainly and indubitably the most important and magnificent branch of the law in India. The civil law in India comprises of the laws formed and followed at federal and state levels, and rulings by courts of law made from time to time in the country. As You Know Krushal Associates is Legal Firm in Surat and we are Associated with Top Civil Lawyers in India. Our Civil Lawyers In Surat Are In the industry from last 12 years. Our Civil Lawyer handled Various Civil Cases Like:-

Real Estate Issues:-

  • • Partition of movable / immovable properties
  • • Declaration of Ownership of Property
  • • suit against Ancestral Property / Joint Hindu Property / Parental Property / Joint-Ownership Property

Property cases could To Take More then a life time to solve in absence of any expert Real Estate Lawyers in Surat. But you don’t have to worry when you had hired our top Civil Lawyers in Surat. Our Civil Advocate Provide you guidance throughout all process of Buying & Selling of property as well as in any issue regarding Property.

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